Monday, March 21, 2016

Stand Alone: Dark Erotic Story of Love & Loss…
*Due to Sensitive Content, Mature Readers Recommended*
Clover Bower thought she’d married the perfect man. Rhys Bower was her entire world. Smart, handsome, strong and wanted the beige suburban life. The perfect house filled with the sounds of children.
She vowed to never deny her husband of anything.
Clover never imagined that he would stretch her boundaries beyond anything she could’ve ever imagined. She would adjust, then re-adjust after each stretch of her comfort zone, never wanting to disappoint her beloved.
We are the beige nondescript couple in our real lives, but in the community of voyeurs’ and exhibitionist’s … we are rock stars.
How far could she let his fetishes go before she couldn’t go on? What’s the limit before your spirit breaks? When you can’t fulfill your partner in every way a wife can, do you stay and fight for your marriage?
At what point do you take back your personal boundaries, walk away and not look back even after the damage is done?
Not all love stories span across time, some love stories burn hot, burning out fast, leaving embedded emotional scars from fanning the flame.

I would compare my marriage to a sparkler,
burns bright,
sparkly and pretty. Then as soon as you love it
and start to enjoy it,
understand the bits of white-hot sparks that burn

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