Sunday, November 20, 2016

$0.99 <----------------- ebook all platforms "A DELICIOUS AND SEXY EROTIC LOVE STORY "
How far could she let his fetishes go before she couldn’t go on? What’s the limit before your spirit breaks? When you can’t fulfill your partner in every way a wife can, do you stay and fight for your marriage?
MR. & Mrs. RUSH by Angela March
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"There are other ways to have children, Clover… we never discussed those options.” he states calmly, “And you agreed to it, you agreed to everything. Don’t twist it around.”
“That broke us. You broke us, and you know it.” tears filling my eyes. “Your arrogance and self-absorption. You’re not the man I married, you’ve changed. Or maybe I never knew you at all. I can’t bend anymore to accommodate your…” I stopped myself before I said fetishes.

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