Sunday, April 30, 2017

And I present the conclusion of The Tesla Brothers....
Jack walks beside me as we pass through the procession of well-wishers. The elders waiting at the end of the line to bestow blessings. Buteo and Osprey standing tall with pride dressed in full tribal skins, stoic, with their best brave faces on display beating their mini drums and chanting along with everyone else.
Then finally, we enter the traditional tepee. My father, the Chief of our dying tribe, sits proudly in front of the altar of burning sage and incense.
The perfumed smoke hangs heavily in the air. I feel Jack’s hand tighten around my waist, “This smoke isn’t good for him.” His words for my ears only.
I nod acknowledging that I heard him. Please let this be quick.
We stop in front of the alter, our son opens his eyes. “The boy.” My father’s voice is calm as he stands, reaching out for his third grandson.
I hold him out through the smoke, placing him in my father’s arms. He reads my body language, seeing the worry on my face. He nods closing his eyes and stands, taking my son away from the smoke.
We watch as he looks closely at our youngest son, unwrapping his tightly tucked blanket, holding him closely to his face inhaling a deep breath. “Earth, old soul.”
My father takes his time examining our last born. He looks over at me, his face full of emotion. Pride that I haven’t seen before “My daughter, he is of pure heart, he is one of us. He will follow in our footsteps, the footsteps of our ancestors.”
He flips him over, examining him before giving him a firm slap on his tiny rear. He let out a fierce loud scream as my father holds him up, red faced and angry, “Aplomado!” He bellows, “Falcon, strong- willed, a survivor. Leader! Our future Chief.”
I hadn’t shed a tear during this ordeal over these last few weeks until now. I have given birth to my father’s replacement. Our tribe will survive.
He holds up our son and leaves the tepee to make the formal announcement. His words pierced my heart, wrapping around my soul choking me. I succeeded. I sealed my fate and the fate of my children.
It was then I collapsed into Jack’s strong arms and cried for myself and what I’d endured and inflicted onto my offspring. I hug the man that I chose to be with. I will never have another restful night or know peace will be with me. I’m selfish in my own choices, and they’ll impact my offspring until it is rectified with the spirits.
And it will be my last born, Aplomado Redmane Tesla, that will hold the family and our traditions close. He will respect the earth and all her bounties, taking what he needs and giving back to her.
He will be the leader of his brothers and what’s left of our tribe and dying nation of Native Americans.
When you know who you are; when your mission is clear and you burn with the inner fire of unbreakable will;
no cold can touch your heart; no deluge can dampen your purpose. You know that you are alive.
Chief Seattle Duwamish

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